The Founder Team

The founding team consists of engineers and cryptomarket enthusiasts.
The team constantly improves the platform based off feedback from networks of traders and investors; striving to make Omenics the go-to hub for cryptomarket insights.

Founder - CEO

Yohann Merran

Founder - CEO, Developer

Yohann Merrann runs the investment and executive operations while also leading the front-end development of Omenics.

He has a strong foundation in web development and entrepreneurship, and is passionate about streamlining access to cryptomarket information.

Pierre Alexandre
Founder - CMO, Growth and sales strategist

Pierre-Alexandre Picard

Founder - CMO, Growth and sales strategy

Pierre-Alexandre runs the marketing, growth strategy and business development efforts.

At Omenics, he strives to bring technology solutions to cryptoasset research by establishing partnerships and building the user base.

Founder - CTO, Research & Development

Greg Tronel

Founder - CTO, Research & Development

Greg is a Research Engineer with a strong background in programming and machine learning.

Greg is the architect behind the Omenics codebase, and focuses heavily on the implementation of data processing pipelines and scoring algorithms, which is what he would do for fun, anyways.

Neven Horvatic
Founder - Research and Development

Neven Horvatic

Founder - Research and Development

Neven brings his strong engineering background in control systems design to fine-tune the scoring algorithms behind the Sentscore.

Vincent Masto
Partner - Market Research and growth

Vince Masto

Founder - Research and Development

Vince’s background is rooted in research, which he’ll use to interrogate patterns in Omenics’s indicators.

Currently, he’s working to communicate the cryptocurrency data analytics at Omenics to the general public.

The Advisory board

Board Advisor

Clement Pero

Board Advisor

Clement is the founder and CEO of Prynt and an expert in consumer products. He launched two consumer hardware products in the Instant Photography space and raised $20+M from Silicon Valley VCs.

Clement exited in October 2018.

Tejen Y. K.
Board Advisor

Tejen Y. K. Barbezat

Board Advisor

Blockstars Capital is a crypto hedge fund located in Mayfair, London. Tejen has years of experience in strategic investment, including research, analysis, due diligence, asset allocation and portfolio management for private investors and family offices.

Financial Advisor

Hadrien Darmon

Financial Advisor

Hadrian is an expert trader and portfolio manager at Trium Capital.

Trium Capital is a London-based investment management and financial solutions firm that provides a range of financial services to a client base that includes institutions, professional traders, wealth managers, family offices and high net worth individuals.